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What is Classic car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is entirely different from insurance for a regular vehicle, and the process is similar to insuring a piece of art. Your car will be appraised and then you and the insurer will agree upon a coverage amount. While most cars depreciate over time, the value of a classic car will stay the same or even increase, meaning you need coverage that will accommodate your vehicle's full value. We can provide you with a classic car insurance quote easily, and are committed to ensuring your insurance fully protects the value of your classic car.

Your Memories, Your Classic Car, Your Coverage.

We know your classic car is much more than a car. You’ve likely spent extensive time researching, constructing, and caring for your car, and have made many memories in the process. Know you can cover for any accidents that happen by adequately insuring your classic car with a coverage plan personalized for your particular vehicle.

typical vehicles that qualify

  • Antique & Classic Cars
  • Modern Collector Vehicles
  • Modified Vehicles
  • Classic Trucks & Utility Vehicles
  • Motorsports Vehicles
  • Vintage Motorcycles & Scooters
  • Retired Commercial Vehicles
  • Collector Trailers
  • Vehicles Under Construction
  • Classic Military Vehicles
  • Antique Tractors

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